The Recovery to Relaunch Collective

The 90 Day Emotional Recovery Program that helps women recover from trauma and transition, and relaunch a life of power and intention.


We believe a powerful woman is a healed woman who repurposed her pain and relaunched her life.

You probably thought your situation would be better by now...

You faced something that really affected you...and still triggers you.

You mask your pain from everyone because they either don't understand, think you're good, or you don't feel like still sharing bad news.

You feel stuck in your relationships and career...and even more exhausted dealing with everything in the world.

You feel like life is passing you by and people are going farther and faster than you...and you're tired of it.

But now you're ready for your next chapter...

You're ready for a life that's...

  • back on track and having maximal alignment
  • full of real contentment with your family, friends, and work
  • lived with your crew of women who actively support you, and teach you a thing or two.
  • self aware and full of soul care. You know how to guard your heart
  • fully integrated and balanced- You know where you've been and where you're going.
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Introducing: The Recovery to Relaunch Collective

Are you ready to recover your life?

Recovery to ReLaunch is an application-only 90-day emotional recovery system designed for the high performing woman who’s ready to repurpose her pain and relaunch her life after facing a major setback, trauma or life transition.

Think of it like a mastermind. Except, instead of working on a business goal, you’ll actively be working on a specific life situation or setback you desire to recover from. Recovery to Relaunch is designed to help the powerful woman get back to having the powerful impact she was created to have.

Using our signature framework, The Life ReLaunch Blueprint, you will experience faith-based science-backed brain training, expert coaching, life skill intensives, and peer accountability so you can overcome a setback, meet your recovery goal, and relaunch a life of impact.

We help you recover and relaunch in these 4 Recovery areas:

Broken Marriages

Thinking of a new career path? Together we'll examine your interests and motivations to find your calling.

Career Setbacks

Thinking of a new career path? Together we'll examine your interests and motivations to find your calling.

Racial Trauma

Thinking of a new career path? Together we'll examine your interests and motivations to find your calling.

Culture Hurt

Thinking of a new career path? Together we'll examine your interests and motivations to find your calling.


The Spring cohort kicks off April 2021. Apply Now.

90 days focused exclusively on healing YOU may be exactly what you need to take back control of your life.


The Recovery Happens in Two Phases...

Phase 1: Recover Well Weekend

This immersive two-day experience is the kickoff to your recovery experience. You'll begin the foundational work of understanding the impact of your trauma or setback, and start setting your recovery goals.

Participants will have sessions to explore the hidden impact of rejection and failures, learn techniques that help their body release difficult emotions, and start crafting their recovery plan. Full sessions listed below. Apply now to start Phase 1 in April 2021!

Phase 1: Recover Well Weekend Sessions

Day 1: God's Guide to Recovery from Trauma

In this powerful session, we’ll explore God’s perspective on trauma and emotions, with emphasis on the impact of rejection and failure.

Day 2: Empowered Women: How to Save Your Marriage by Saving Yourself

Breakout Session for women looking to heal from broken or boring marriages.

Day 2: More Than My Degree: Relaunch your Dream Career After Unexpected Career Endings

Breakout Session for women healing from unexpected career endings or setbacks.

Day 1: Recovery through Purposeful Movement

This session is designed to heighten awareness of how your body holds onto difficult emotion and offer practical exercises for release.

Day 2: Reclaiming Your Voice in the Wake of Racial Trauma

Breakout session for women healing from from impact of being one of few brown faces in white spaces.

PHASE 1 begins April 2021. Apply Now.


Day 1: Crafting Your 90 Day Recovery + Healing Plan

In this signature masterclass, we'll explore how to deal with residual bitterness and anger, and begin crafting your unique recovery plan.

Day 2: Culture Hurt--When Cultural Rules Judge You (Instead of Embracing You)

Breakout Session for culturally first-generation women healing from ostracism due to not meeting family cultural norms or expectations.

Phase 2: Recovery to Relaunch Group Coaching

You'll be placed in a Recovery Circle of like-minded women facing similar challenges. Each month for 90 days, you get best data, best techniques, best teachings all with one goal: To help you heal and relaunch a life you desire.

Month 1: Recovery

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Take your power back from the disruption of rejection and failure
  • Understand your unique emotional blueprint, and how to leverage it to recreate a life of impact using evidence based emotional intelligence assessments
  • Reconnect with your body and release difficult emotion its been carrying
  • Complete your recovery plan you started in Phase 1. Learn how to stay emotionally agile in the aftermath of trauma and free from residual bitterness and anger
  • Detox and Declutter your post-trauma mind and brain

Month 2: Relearn

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Retrain your brain and regulate your emotions using neuro-training techniques
  • Reduce the emotional overwhelm and depressed moods that have limited your progress
  • Make better life decisions and have stronger discernment about any life situation 
  • Advocate for yourself and your needs using  nonviolent communication techniques
  • Spot and stop emotional triggers before they impact your mood
  • Reframe the negative thoughts and stories that have kept you stuck in the past

Month 3: Relaunch

You'll Learn How To:  

  • Use our signature system, Life ReLaunch Blueprint to create vibrancy and purpose in your relationships, career
  • Discover your innate power and build your authority to lead your life and others well.
  • Leverage the science of change to set yourself up for success when you are making small or large life changes.
  • Achieve work-life integration that keeps you balanced and full of energy
  • Make maximal impact on those around you


Our evidence-based Spirit-led recovery framework is designed to help you get back to a life of power and intention from Day 1.

Ready to Apply? Here's How:

Step 1: Apply.

Applying takes less than 7 minutes. Start Now.

Step 2: Interview

If selected, you will be contacted via email and text to schedule a 30 minute Zoom interview with Dr. Leslie Nwoke, the program creator.

Step 3: You're In! & Pay

Final selection is determined after the interview call. Official registration is established after payment or deposit is received.


Dr. Leslie helped me get to the other side of the trauma of my divorce, and  get my confidence back. She helped me refocus on what I truly wanted in life and uncover who I  am outside of being a  mother, entrepreneur, and at that time, newly divorced. I begin to see that my goals in life were achievable despite the circumstances I was in.  I still remember the SMART acronym for goals that she taught me! Any woman of faith, ready to grow through the trauma of transition she’s facing- should work with Dr. Leslie.  The coaching sessions work. It's as simple as that. The accountability, guidance and truth-telling leads to realization and healing. Dr. Leslie uses that to get her clients results. That's what she has done for me. I still use what she taught me. Dr. Leslie is the REAL DEAL!

C. Eze • CEO + Health Consultant

Here's Your Recovery Coach:

Hi! I'm Dr. Leslie Nwoke. I'm excited to work with you in Recovery to Relaunch.

Dr. Leslie Nwoke is a physician, life relaunch strategist, and founder of HeartWork EQ, a personal development company specializing in faith-based emotional intelligence tools for high performing women. She has a robust background in medicine, learning and development, and public health and has used this to create unique wellness experiences to help women increase productivity, emotional intelligence skills, and design a life they love. Her training approach is Spirit led and science backed and believes studying the Word and the brain breaks every chain.

She has an affinity for working with unique situations including navigating professional failures, intercultural relationship issues, highly sensitive persons, and emotional dysregulation in high performing women with ADHD. 

Dr. Nwoke believes our ability to make impact on others begins with emotional recovery and mastering our mindsets. She believes heartwork is the first step to help you get there. Other than her love for all things EQ, she loves a good slice of chocolate mousse cake, every album by Celine Dion, and her husband and 3 kids.

Invest in yourself. Change your life.

Here's what you get when you are accepted into the Recovery to Relaunch Collective:


Tools + Roadmap

  • Access to our signature recovery system- The Life ReLaunch Blueprint- a signature Spirit-led, trauma-informed system to heal holistically
  • Robust science-backed emotional intelligence assessments to gauge biggest opportunities to grow
  • Balanced interventional approach between faith and psychology  
  • Early edition of the HeartWork Recovery Journal to keep track of your ah-has and major mental milestones
  • Admission to Kickoff Weekend: Recover Well
  • Replay  for 30 days for Recover Well and  live trainings
  • A mutual Trust and Transparency Commitment (We only want women ready to lean in,  open up, and do the work)


Premium Coaching + Training

  • 4 transformative science backed trainings on trauma recovery, body interventions, and crafting your recovery plan
  • 12 recovery and re-launch specific trainings to literally walk you through relaunching YOU 2.0
  • Direct 1:1 access with a physician and executive coach
  • Dedicated focus for 90 days to tackle your life challenge
  • Live and collaborative teachings  in weekly Implementation Labs (all will be recorded)
  • Targeted coaching + accountability on the specific life challenge you’re facing.


Like-Minded Community

  • Exclusive community of like minded women who’ve been where you are + committed to recovery + growth
  • Customized Circle of accountability with a Circle of 4 women with similar recovery goals as you
  • Weekly 1:1 peer accountability with a HeartWork partner specifically matched for you
  • Access to private community to network, share wins, and connect on what matters


Bonuses * Bonuses * Bonuses

  • [BONUS] LIVE  Post-Program Relaunch Debrief Session Class for post assessment + accountability (usual value $497)
  • [BONUS] Access to Dr. Leslie’s  signature Masterclass that will make sure you can overcome any unexpected life challenge: “Life Audit + Redesign”. Guaranteed to reframe your life setback as a setup! (usual value $179)
  • [UPGRADE] Rebrand Your Life 360- 6 week life mastery intensive with advanced trainings to further elevate each aspect of your life [value: $997]. Includes Mind Reset training where we use neuroscience and Scripture to deepen the positive changes in our brains; Confident Communicator-executive presence + communication; Wardrobe Edits- align your personal style with purpose you're pursuing; Profitable Passions- where we explore how to change your calling intoan income-generating life transforming endeavor; Bodywork- where you learn the foods and bodywork you need to insure your recovery

Ready to invest in your recovery?

What is your joy worth? For less than the cost of weekly therapy, you get intensive life skills training, faith-based science backed recovery strategies, expert coach and physician, and community of women who we trust will be your life sisters. Stop hiding in pain. Apply now and reserve your seat in the Recovery to Relaunch Collective.